Film Lab Berlin

Hi, we are a small Filmlab & Scan Film here in Berlin.
You can use our filmscanner via Remote or here in Berlin-Weissensee.
Or we Scan it.

Get up to 60 MByte TIF Files
tif & jpeg
starting 6€ per roll of 35mm or 120 (high res)



The Fuji Filmscanner is a 250kg beast, a legendary industrial grade Film Scanner, most famous for the 90s VICE Photograhy look. Dash Snow, Ryan McGinley, Terry Richardson there secret was not only a Yashica T4 or Contax T3 or their personal style. One of there "secrets" was the scanner they used, a Minilab Fuji Filmscanner. The Fujifilm SP 3000 is an amazing machine, even in 2019. It uses a HoneyComb Sensor which has two different Pixels (for highlights & shadows) and uses Pixelshifting for high resolution scans. So it is incredible fast compared to a consumer Scanner like the Epson or Nikon Coolscan. The Fuji is 1000% faster !!! If you want to scan your whole Archive in one Day, no Problem. We changed it a bit, so we made it even faster and we tweaked the autopilot mode, so it scans a low contrast image for max flexibility in Photoshop like a cine profil in filming or we scan 2Pass if you like really fine tones. If you want you can take control and scan like you want, correct colours, exposure & style. The Scanner is very good at guessing as long as the Exposure & Lighting was "ok", otherwise you should fine tune to your taste, because the scanning software is your RAW Konverter.
After you hit the SCAN button your settings will be rendered into a TIF and a TIF is not a RAW.
It operates like a classical Color Enlarger in CYMK not RGB (You will get used to it)
Its VERY VERY FAST, has a great color fidelity out of the box and is easy in use.

We Scan Film
in Berlin Near
Kunstschule Weissensee

When your Film arrives we can make a contact scan (optional), to let you know its here and for the first look. After that you can use our Fuji Sp 3000 Filmscanner via the internet. Its just like physically sitting in front of it.

Use our lab & scanner. Scan your film like you want to, or we will, adjust colors, exposure and style.




What is a Remote Desktop Filmscanner ? Basicaly, scan anywhere you want, have full control over exposure, style, color correction and use fancy things like multiexposure & multipass for difficult images. As long as you are connected to the internet you can Remote Control our High End Fujifilm Scanner, on your sofa, in a plane, Ringbahn, a Hotel, your favorite cafe..during class. Use a Tablet or Computer, use your Smartphone but we dont recommend it. If you control the machine be aware, it is a windows 2000 system. Although it can scan up to 5K Screen Resolution. Windows itself is limited to only in 800x600 screen resolution again windows 2000..yeah...but it makes it easy to screenshare. After your Scan is done, we copy your files onto our Servers for Download.


Yes its a really fast Filmscanner Scan up to 6 rolls of (uncut) 35mm Film with 36 exposure in one hour,
if you are used to the scanner no problem. For first timers we will assist you.
If your film is already cut, you scan only at 75% the speed.
If you dont like scanning we scan within days.

FilmLab Berlin

So yes its true we are a the new Filmlab in Berlin.
 We operate in small batches by hand and offer remote desktop film scanning with our Fujifilm High End Scanner.
We are Based in Berlin Weißensee

2015 / drugstore 35mm color negative film / unknown Camera

2015 / drugstore 35mm color negative film / unknown Camera

2016 / Berlin / 35mm Contax T3

2016 / Berlin / 35mm Contax T3

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