Usa a Fujifilm Frontier Filmscanner. Here in Berlin or via Remote Desktop.
35mm - 645 - 66 -67 - 68 - 69 - xpan - C41 - E6 - Black & White Film

You scan Your Film

Use the legendary Fuji Filmscanner via Remote Desktop Session to your Mac or Computer ... Scan here, at home, during a flight, in a Park, during class.  All u you need is Wi-Fi. Say when and we feed the Filmscanner. 60MB TIF

Scan with full control over Tones & Colors before the file is rendered to a TIF

20€/30min  scan up to 3 Rolls 35mm & 120 Film (highest resolution)
35€/60min  scan up 6 Rolls 35mm & 120 Film (highest resolution)

5400px = highest resolution
incl ICE - Digital Infrared Scratch/Dust Removal

We Scan Your Film

We Scan your Film in neutral, if you make an appointment we scan it asap. If you want you can mail us your Film or use your Bike and come to Berlin Weissensee.

Scan only

6€  Roll of 35mm Film - HiRes 5400px long side

6€ Roll of 120 Film - 3600px (6x6) -5400px (6x9) ( long side)

5400px = Din A3+ // 3600px = Din A4 Print
ICE - Digital Infrared Scratch/Dust Removal

Scan & FilM Develop

We recommend you learn how to develop or process your Film by yourself. Because you know whats on your film, so you can compensate during development.

15€ Hires (5400px) (35mm / 120 (645 / 66 / 67 / 68 / 69)